Electron Web App – run a website on your desktop in its own window

I’d like to introduce Electron Web App, a simple app which runs using the Electron framework.

Electron Web App allows you to run a website, web app, or web page on your Desktop as a stand-alone application.

This is useful for when you need to access a specific website daily, for example for tracking work you’ve completed. Using this tool, you can run it separately from your web browser and have it easily accessible via an icon on your desktop.

To get it running, you will need to install NodeJS, install the Electron framework using npm, and then run the app.

To configure the app, you can edit the config.json file to set the app’s title and URL, and add an icon of your choice to the resources folder. This icon will show up as its’ program icon when it is running.

Details on using it are on its github page.


Example Uses

The default is to run Google Search, which is just to give a basic example. Here it is, running on Windows 10:



Here is Electron Web App running the Silk art app on Windows 10:



Another example: Electron Web App running SculptGL on Windows 10:







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