Zip Subdirs

Today I released version 0.1.0-alpha of a new program, Zip Subdirs. It’s great for creating timestamped zip files of directories, for achiving or backup purposes.

It runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and requires DWIM Perl.

It is free to use, under the GNU GPL v3 license.

You can also find it on github.


This program allows the user to select a directory, then displays the list of subdirectories under that directory. The user can select one or more (Ctrl-click) subdirectories to zip, then press the Zip button.

Subdirectories will be zipped in the order they are listed. Each one will be zipped into a timestamped zip file. Insize the zip file, the top-level item will be the subdirectory with a timestamp appended.

How to Use

First, select a parent directory using the “Browse” button. This should then display a list of sub-directories in the text area below the “Browse” button. These are directories inside of the parent directory.


Next, select one or more sub-directories to copy into archive zip files. You can select only one, or some, or all of them.

After that, click the “create a zip of each selected path” button. Results of zipping will be shown in the bottom text area. Directories will be zipped one by one. Each resulting zip file will have a timestamp added to the end of the file name, and will contain the zipped directory with the timestamp added to the end of its name.


The timestamps make this useful for backing up timestamped zips of directories. They are also helpful for extracting/unzipping, because when you extract the zip file with paths enabled, the top directory will have a timestamp on it. This way, you can archive the same directory multiple times, and extract the archives, without the extracted archives overiting each others’ directories.

This screenshot shows a resulting zip file opened in 7zip.





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