Webchemy Fork

Recently, I came across a web app called Webchemy. It allows the user to draw on a canvas with some minimal tools which allow choosing a colour and dragging shapes across the canvas. It also allows downloading your drawing as a PNG or SVG image.

Webchemy reminded me of an app that I wrote in 2002 for a Computer Graphics class. My app was written in C++ with Qt and allowed the user to draw on an OpenGL canvas with circles, rectangles, and triangles. It also allowed the user to run image manipulation functions including invert, edge-detect, blur, and sharpen.

Webchemy is also open-source, so I’m thinking of creating a new version of Webchemy and re-branding it to keep my version distinct and separate from the original. I want to add the ability to upload a SVG or PNG image into Webchemy, have it shown on the canvas, add to it, and then download the result in PNG or SVG. I’ve started playing with the code and testing out some changes, and it looks promising.

This is an opportunity for me to explore a combination of my interests in software development and art. I’ve always enjoyed the intersection of programming and art, in the field of computer graphics.

purple butterfly 02 -- inkscape

Purple Butterfly 02, created using Webchemy


2 thoughts on “Webchemy Fork

  1. I randomly came across your blog while seaching for the remants of the Webchemy/Alchemy project. Webchemy had an Android-based app a couple years back, with the ability to import previous images, but the app has since been pulled from the market.

    It would be awesome if you released a separate, fixed version.

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    • Hi Jesse, thanks for your comment.

      I have been working on the upload feature and have a partly working version. So far, I can upload a SVG file and have it be displayed in the drawing program. But when I undo+redo or export, the part that was uploaded is not saved. So I have some work to do, to get that working correctly.

      I’ve looked at what it would take to create an Android app for it, and I might be able to use a framework to create an app that runs the HTML5 code.

      I’ll update here on my blog when I have a version that works for you to try out!

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